Dwun's room

今天,我接觸到 Hunter×Hunter mangaka(來自this much larger image)的Tooshi吉宏(Yoshihiro Togashi)的照片:

Yoshihiro Togashi playing "Dragon Quest"


這個角色是Dwun,是基於Togashi Yoshihiro自己製作的嗎?


There is a high likely hood that this is indeed a reference to Yoshihiro Togashi playing dragon quest. But it has never really been confirmed.

It seems the original picture comes from CapsuleComputers with the following quote.

After a long an arduous battle with addiction, Yoshihiro Togashi, the man behind the popular manga series Hunter x Hunter has finally checked out of a Dragon Quest rehabilitation facility and has made clear that he plans to resume his Hunter x Hunter manga after more than a year on hiatus.