約翰·厄普代克(John Updike)在《貝克·貝奇:一本書》的第一個故事中寫道:

(the mailbox, students should know, where his pitifully nibbled checks arrive has been well scarred by floating urban wrath, and his last name has been so often ballpointed by playful lobby-loiterers into a somewhat assonant verb that Bech has left the name plate space blank and depends upon the clairvoyance of mailmen)



The definition of assonant is:

a rhyme in which the same vowel sounds are used with different consonants in the stressed syllables of the rhyming words, as in penitent and reticence.

If the last name in question is Bech, and the similar word is a verb, my guess is that he was thinking of fuck (or possibly the Irish variant feck). It's "somewhat assonant" because it's really matching the hard -c, depending on how the -ch of Bech is pronounced. The only other similar epithet is bitch, which is much more often used as a noun when it's scrawled on a wall. (It can be a verb, but almost always in speech or in prose, not graffitoed aphorisms.)


I can only speculate, but the simplest ballpoint mark one could make to 'Bech', using the same vowel sounds with different consonants would be a simple vertical stroke between the 'e' and 'c', creating 'Belch'.