" SEA是我們的"的貢獻者是否都是已經確立的作者?


SEA是我們的是由東南亞許多作家(包括諸如Olivia Ho,Marilag Angway和Timothy Dimacali之類的名字)收集的蒸汽朋克故事的文集。我對蒸汽朋克或東南亞文學知之甚少,所以這些名字我都不熟悉。但是,通過一點在線搜索告訴我,其中至少有一些,例如Dimacali,已經是該類型的知名作者,並且可能因此被要求做出貢獻。

所有的撰稿人都已經建立了嗎?換句話說, SEA是我們的是著名作家的短篇小說集嗎?通過"包括某某某人的故事"來宣傳自己!-或者是由一個充滿熱情而不是經驗的混合團隊來創造新東西,即東南亞蒸汽朋克系列,是一項共同的努力嗎?


The SEA is Ours features a combination of widely established authors, experienced authors who are not yet widely known outside a particular niche audience, and authors who are just beginning to be published. This is unsurprising; it's typical of anthology collections to use Big Name contributors to boost awareness of unrecognized talent.

  • Marilag Angway has anthologized stories across several genres.
  • Paolo Chikiamco is writer and editor of many comics and anthologies, as well as interactive fiction works.
  • Timothy James M. Dimacali writes both science fiction and science journalism. His work is studied in Philippine schools.
  • L.L. Hill's stories and poetry have been anthologized, and her entry for The SEA is Ours is an elaboration on a previous work.
  • Alessa Hinlo is a newer writer; The SEA is Ours appears to be her second published short story.
  • Olivia Ho may be newly published, or I may just be bad at Googling.
  • Robert Liow is published in the Singapore Poetry Writing Month anthology and by the Singapore’s Creative Arts Programme, but I think The SEA is Ours is his first international distribution.
  • Pear Nuallak is published in a couple magazines.
  • Ivanna S. Mendels writes short stories and children's books.
  • Kate Osias is an award-winning author, and co-editor of volumes of the Philippine Speculative Fiction.
  • z.m. quỳnh writes short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, but The Sea is Ours is her first speculative fiction work.
  • Nghi Vo is a professional author.

Obscurity and a small publishing portfolio don't equate to inexperience; many excellent and prolific authors never break out of their local region, and often an author's first work is a highly polished gem representing time and energy they'll never have the opportunity to again devote to a single work once they're immersed in the publishing grind.