Linda McFly的運動衫上的年份


我似乎還記得琳達·麥克弗利(Linda McFly)的運動衫(在度假照片中)有時是1984年,有時是1991年?我沒有屏幕截圖,也無法在網上找到任何相關信息。是那樣的還是我看到的東西?


Futurepedia says that she did graduate from Hill Valley High School in 1984.

Regarding the actual photograph, see it here with Craig vanished. It's a little bit clearer and looks a little more like '84'

Bear in mind that it can't be '91', because quite simply that Marty came from 1985 - how could he have a photograph of his sister wearing a sweatshirt with 'Class of 91' if he was only from 1985!