Marty McFly和" Doc" Brown如何第一次見面?


他們沒有親戚,也不是鄰居,他們的年齡至少相隔了五十年:那麼,Marty McFly和" Doc" Brown是如何第一次見面的?



According to co-writer/producer Bob Gale:

We never explained it in the movie. But the history of the characters that Bob Zemeckis and I created is this:

  • For years, Marty was told that Doc Brown was dangerous, a crackpot, a lunatic. So, being a red-blooded American teenage boy, age 13 or 14, he decided to find out just why this guy was so dangerous. Marty snuck into Doc’s lab, and was fascinated by all the cool stuff that was there. when Doc found him there, he was delighted to find that Marty thought he was cool and accepted him for what he was.

    Both of them were the black sheep in their respective environments. Doc gave Marty a part-time job to help with experiments, tend to the lab, tend to the dog, etc.

And that’s the origin of their relationship.


Doesn't Doc Brown know Marty since birth? The docs timeline in the first film never changes, so he is aware of Marty and the working time machine from the first visit to November 1955. From that point on, the Doc knows all about the events to come.


I remember reading that Doc Brown was looking for an assistant at his lab and went knocking door to door in search of a suitable candidate. He interviewed Marty and then hired him as his lab assistant. The rest is history! ;-)