WSOP rules state that "once all players are all in and action is complete, all hands must be turned face up". All in players are generally required to show their hand to prevent collusion.

The dealer should have protected the muck and required both players to table their hands.


It doesn't matter whether he thought he actually mucked his hand, misread his hand, or believed he was beaten. If both his cards were face-up after he threw them (whether that was toward the muck or not), that is a showdown and his hand is alive. Your job as a dealer is to read his hand and declare the winner accordingly. That's the beauty of a "misread". players might throw their cards face-up saying: "nice hand, I only got ace high", it's the dealer's job to find out whether the player actually hit a billy buster straight on the river without being aware of it.

Having said that, it's ok to call "throwing the cards face-up toward the muck" a "bad etiquette", but not a dead hand.