SharePoint 2010簡介


我已經有一段時間是Stack Overflow的成員,並且本週獲得了一個與SharePoint 2010一起玩耍的項目,以了解它的基本工作原理,因為我們正在尋求使用它來替代現有的產品Intranet網站不久。

在接下來的幾個月中,我們將聘請一名顧問來幫助我們,但實際上,目前我是從對SharePoint幾乎一無所知的基礎開始的,所以我被告知要加快速度。在過去的兩周中,我研究了它以及它可以完成的任務等,但是現在,我實際上正在使用它,並了解如何管理SharePoint 2010並在其中執行任務。


edit 也歡迎其他介紹,例如開發和設計。


You can purchase a book on the subject or spend some time reading blogs. There are many good ones out there that can help you either better understand the features and components of SharePoint or to tackle specific issues or implementations.

Since you are looking at this for an Intranet replacement, I would highly recommend you focus on some Information Architecture/Design and Taxonomy topics since this can be a critical component.


Get Started Developing on SharePoint 2010


Free for all:

For MS Partner:


The Lynda SharePoint Essentials Training is an excellent starter video series for understanding the general components and concepts behind SharePoint.

Getting Started Developing on SharePoint 2010 from MSDN is an authoritative guide for fresh developers.

For an understanding more towards the business side of things, start with the Total Economic Impact of SharePoint at

For workflows, when you are confident of your basic knowledge, you will want to check out the official SP 2010 Workflows Overview at


My favourite site for SharePoint training is Pluralsight which provides videos for both developer, administrator and end-user. Sorted in categories for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.


All SharePoint people visit this site Microsoft official ESP number of videos of all Features of sharepoint


You can go through the links mentioned below to have much confidence in learning, customizing and administration SharePoint 2010:


I hope these links will help you to have some grip over the world around SharePoint 2010...