我剛從Lowe's得到這Kobalt router and router table combo。由於我不熟悉路由器,因此我認為這是一個不錯的起點。當我開始使用它製作一些導軌和階梯時,一切工作都很好,但是現在深度調整出現了問題,我不確定如何修復它。


Here is a video(如果我提供的說明不適合您)。


There are gears that the adjustment carriage rides on, and you have loosened things too much and the gears aren't properly engaged, and they are slipping.

Because the entire mass of the router is riding on these gears it is typical with routers mounted upside-down like this that you have to support the body of the router by hand when adjusting up. And the adjustment isn't quite a binary locked/unlocked arrangement. I suspect you have to back off the lock enough to allow free movement of the gears, but not so loose that they skip teeth. Some routers have a positive lock that you engage after you've adjusted the depth with or without an adjustable gear arrangement.

Also, note that there is a different between coarse and fine adjustment. You would adjust your coarse depth to a "0", and then use the fine adjustment to get your final depth. I suspect the coarse adjustment is the one that needs that sweet spot between locked and loose enough to turn without skipping gear teeth. Check your owner's manual to be sure.